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Journey into Spring 


Hugh 14th March 2018

image of the straits of Messina

The Beast from the East, as everyone in western Europe was calling the snow-laden winds from Siberia that attacked from the East, had held back the advance of spring.

Despite the fact that it was early March, it was defiantly winter when we left Rome that morning on the Rome to Palermo InterCity train. As we reached open country south of Rome, snow was banked up on the hedges and lanes as the train careered its way south.

After passing Salerno station 80 minutes from Rome, it slowly began to look like spring. By the time we got the first glimpse of the Mediterranean coast further south we had left winter behind us.

Crossing the Straits of Messina between Italy and Sicily, a savage north-westerly gale was wiping the tops off the waves but it was still spring and the view to the south along the coast of Sicily would fill anyone’s heart with excitement for the coming seasons.


Photography Tips
Tip 1: 

Always carry your camera